The Government of Vanuatu is becoming more and more receptive to needs of investors.

The Government meets regularly with the private sector and listens to what businesses, like TransPacific Real Estate, have to say about what investors like you, need in the way of assurances and support. This is a big change from the old style top-down centralized approach. For example, investors want certainty and standard 75 year Leases. The Government has allowed 75 year Leases to renew at any time from year 1 for a reasonable fee. This has changed the real estate development in Vanuatu and provides a guarantee that your investment is safe.


The new “round island road” is now complete on the island of Efate, the main commercial hub of Vanuatu. This has opened up opportunities

and investors have already under / taken development of waterfront sub-divisions to take advantage of the eventual ease of access to such properties. Many such properties have already been sold and new one coming on the market regularly.

Air Vanuatu’s new 737-800 jet has increased tourist numbers. Getting to and from Vanuatu has never been easier or more economical. The airfields in Tanna and Santo are being upgraded to international status to accommodate the increase in tourism. More resorts are scheduled to cater to the projected increase in touri

sts. Virgin’s Pacific Blue Airline and Air New Zealand fly here. Visiting cruise ships have doubled in the last 5 years.

Communications have kept pace with the global telecommunications revolution with telephone, facsimile, internet and email replacing our "coconut wire" network. Local radio and

television now includes news and programming from around the world, live via satellite. Cable and microwave, mobile phones services reach is 80% of the country.

The new era has not, however, done much to alter the unique culture and lifestyle of Vanuatu. In a way it simply enhances the ancient spirit of these volcanic islands, allowing better access to cultural sites and higher resolution of the existing social and cultural image. Newcomers to Vanuatu always, without fail, remark on the charm and friendliness of the Ni-Vanuatu people. The government, while pushing ahead with economic reform, new health facilities, better schools, and improved business opportunities is clearly mandated to protect the environment; the wonderfully diverse natural landscape and seascape, the clear water and shining beaches. It is also dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the people of Vanuatu, its art, songs, traditions, and values.

We, who are long time residents in Vanuatu are excited by the changes. They offer a way to improve life here and make it easier than ever before to assist potential investors in their development projects.

Investing in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a sparsely populated chain of 83 lovely islands. There are only 220,000 people in the country - scarcely the size of an average town in most metropolitan countries. They are predominantly Melanesian, peace-loving and kind, with a strong and exotic culture based on a continuous history dating back thousands of years. The country is a Republic, with a 52-member Parliament. Vanuatu was granted its Independence from the world’s one and only French/British condominium in 1980. The people speak English, French, and a pidgin mixture of the so called Bislama.

Property values have had an upward trend since 2004 and have stabilized. Since the establishment of TransPacific Property Consultants and TransPacific Real Estate in 1985, we have sold many residential and commercial properties including tourist resorts. Being involved investors ourselves, we are in contact with many people associated with all facets of real estate. Our dealings across the commercial spectrum allow us to pass on valuable information to You, the investor.