A fabulous timeless group of Islands, one of the best diving sites in the world, a tax haven and a good place to invest............

Vanuatu is an archipelago, unique in its natural, scenic and historical heritage. A Y-shaped string of 83 islands covered with green tropical forests and fertile soils, whilst on the shores, sandy beaches are washed by the clean waters of the Pacific Ocean. These are the natural beauties with which Vanuatu is blessed.

The Ni-Vanuatu people are a Melanesian race speaking Bislama, a unique language mixed with Vanuatu versions of local, French and English languages. Bislama unites the country providing people of 110 different language groups the opportunity to communicate. English and French are widely spoken and are integral part of, not only the history of Vanuatu, but also the present.

Whilst the predominant population is Ni-Vanuatu, the country is peppered with the spices of many races including French, English, Chinese, South Pacific Islanders, Australians, New Zealanders, Vietnamese.

Vanuatu is a land of diversity and huge smiles, boasting Coral seas, tropical islands, fish, volcanoes and rainforest.




Snorkeling, scuba diving, game fishing and adventures are all here to enjoy in a country with a colourful history, a rich culture and a warm welcome. Every island has its owns history and unique traditions.










Tropical climate with a cooler season between May and October during which you can enjoy some lovely sunny days, and a wet season, hot and humid, from November to April, also known as the Cyclone Season.

Anyway, follow the cyclone alerts as they are regularly updated by the local governments. Also, you can check the cyclones routes and strength at : , , and .

An additional comment, be prepared to enjoy the sea year-round, the water is always warm.

There has only been two cyclones that have wrecked Port Vila, One in Oct 1959, and Uma, in 1987.  Earthquakes can read very high on the Richter scales, yet  generally do zero damage. They are very deep down in the ocean.  There is nothing to worry about.

There are a number of live volcanoes, absolutely awesome, a must see.      

Marine life is abundant with some of the most exotic species you'll ever see. And you'll never go short of mouth watering tropical fruit.

Culturally, there are arts and crafts, carvings, sand-drawings, paintings, tattooing, pottery, weaving, jewellery and traditional clothing to see and enjoy.

And of course there KAVA, the traditional drink. The Kava found in Vanuatu is some of the strongest in the South Pacific.