Residence permits

Standard residence permits are issued for a duration of one year, renewable every year provided conditions of first issue are unchanged.

Work permits are issued by the Labor Department and attached to Residence Permits. Work Permits require an application from both the Employee and the Employer.

A repatriation bond (equal to a one way airfare back to the country of citizenship) issued by a local bank is required to be submitted with the Residency Application.

You may apply for Residency as an Investor, by showing you have an investment in Vanuatu of a minimum of VT10,000,000 (approx US$100,000). Ownership of a property of a value of VT10,000,000 or more will qualify for Residency, subject to satisfaction of other requirements.

Long term residence permits. You may obtain longer term residence permits according to the value of your investments.


You will also need to provide the following:

  1. A Police Clearance from your Country of Origin.
  2. A Birth Certificate.
  3. Marriage Certificate.
  4. Divorce Certificate.
  5. A list of dependents and a copy of their birth certificates.
  6. A certificate of Incorporation (for investors).
  7. Medical Certificate stating your medical condition.
  8. A copy of your Passport.
  9. 2 Passport Photos.

Company Incorporation

If you wish to invest or do business locally in Vanuatu you will need to incorporate a Local Company or an international Business Company if all your business activities are carried on outside of Vanuatu. Ideal for internet based business, where you can manage your business while sipping on morning coffee or afternoon cocktail on the veranda of your beach front property.

To find out more about incorporation of a company in Vanuatu, go to Moores Rowland Web Site

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Where else would you want to own a property?

Within minutes of arriving in Vanuatu you will be greeted with smiles. Even the local telecom company got this inspiration and named their mobile service "SMILE".

Life in Vanuatu is cosy and comfortable with all modern amenities of shops, banks, casinos, ect available. Port Vila, the capital city exudes an atmosphere of sophistication of a modern city with a heady whiff of laid back simplicity.